With all-natural remedies growing in popularity, people are finding new ways to replace pharmaceutical counterparts. One such natural herb that is slowly rising up is known as Kratom. It is an herb much like coffee that people chew in order to calm their depression, anxiety, and other problems they may be facing. It is a rather new substance in the Western world, but people have known about it for centuries in Asia, particularly Indonesia. Some people claim that use of kratom has helped them to lose weight or increase their motivation. However, whether or not kratom is actually helpful or healthy is something that experts remain unsure of.

Canada is one of the more lenient countries when it comes to these kinds of herbs, but even it is a bit wary of kratom; it may potentially cause health risks and other side effects. But the benefits clearly outweigh the risks for this plant, as it’s helping battle the current opioid crisis, as a substitute at least.

Let’s find out more about kratom usage in Canada, kratom legality, and where it can be purchased.

Where to Buy Legal Kratom Online in Canada

With all that being said, you are bound to wonder where to buy quality kratom in Canada. Here is a list of some of the best kratom vendors in Canada. ( Click on the logo to visit the website. )


Canada Kratom Store

This website allows you to buy kratom online. The kratom on this website comes from Indonesia and you can choose from all sorts of varieties. You can choose to have same-day shipping, and you will have free shipping in Canada on orders more than $60. And what’s more, this online store has a cash back guarantee.

golden monk logo

Golden Monk Kratom

This site is also an online store that offers shipping all over Canada, to any province and city. Again, you can choose from a wide variety of strains of kratom and even get sample packs. All kratom sold on this website is sold in powder form. You will also have a 100% money back guarantee from this site.

HMG Kratom

This online store provides some of the lowest prices on kratom in Canada. Again, the kratom is completely sold in its powder form, and the website has a full money back guarantee. There are different variety packs and sample packs to choose from, which is great if this is your first experience with kratom. Also, the site provides coupon codes for you to get a small discount when you purchase.

kratom active logo

Kratom Active

This site, based in Vancouver, Canada, sells kratom directly grown from farms in South Asia. Marketing itself as the most trusted kratom resource in North America, all of its products claim to be completely organic and directly imported from southern Asian farmers. You can also purchase products wholesale, and earn rewards points with each purchase and share on social media, which you can then redeem with other purchases.

East Side Kratom

This online shop provides same-day shipping if you place an order before noon. All products are sold in powder form and the site clearly states in its disclaimer that none of the kratom it sells is meant for consumption or for medical purposes. You must be older than 18 to purchase, and its products are for botanical purposes only. There are ways to get discounts and free shipping on this site, too.

Original Harvest Kratom

This website ships to both the United States and Canada. The kratom powder offered on the website is directly from Indonesia and claims to be completely organic. The products sold are completely authentic as well, so you will not have to worry. Just like the others, this site also provides a wide range of kratom to choose from.

Again, check to make sure that you are purchasing kratom in its legal form if you are from Canada, and make sure that it is organic and authentic. Exercise caution when using kratom as its effects have not been fully studied yet, and do not do anything that will get you into trouble.

Types of Kratom

Just as with many drugs like marijuana, there are different types, or strains, of kratom, which all originate in different countries. All of these strains are available online if you choose to purchase. None of the strains of kratom have been thoroughly researched, although people assume that different strains cause different effects. Be careful to make sure which strain you are purchasing or selling.

  • Malaysian: These leaves have green, red, or white veins. People say that these strains helped to increase their mood and their energy.
  • Borneo: As with Malaysian, this kratom has green, red, or white veins. Its effect tends to be more calming.
  • Thai: Leaves with red veins tend to help cause pain relief, while green or white help create a sort of high.
  • Green Malay: This strain, which is darker green, allows a person to feel more energized, as well as causing pain relief.
  • Bali: Coming from Indonesia, this strain is red and is very relieving. It is said to be the most similar to opioids.
  • Indo: This one is less stimulating. It gives calming and relaxing effects.
  • Maeng da: Similar to Green Malay, this strain also helps people to feel more energetic, as well as more relaxed.

Again, it is important to note that the effect of drugs is different for each individual. Just because kratom had an impact on someone in a particular way does not mean that it will have the same impact on you.

Is it Legal to Buy Kratom in Canada?

Kratom legality in Canada is kind of a gray area. Health Canada, the agency which helps to regulate health products and drugs, does not have too much information surrounding the legality of the drug.

According to Health Canada, there is a possibility of kratom having negative side effects on an individual when consumed. However, the drug has not been studied too much in depth for experts to know exactly what it may cause, its potential dangers, and more. Also, there have been no reported deaths in Canada due to kratom usage.

The question thus arises about if kratom is legal in Canada.

Kratom legality in Canada is a bit undefined. The government is still trying to determine whether or not kratom should be illegal in Canada. Some people want the government to outright ban the substance, and others want the government to increase its leniency on usage of the drug.

Technically, selling kratom is not the same type of crime as selling other narcotics. However, according to Health Canada, kratom is illegal if you buy it with the intention of consumption. Kratom is considered to be legal in Canada if you do not intend to ingest it. So, if you are going to sell kratom tablets, capsules, tea, or another product containing kratom that is meant specifically for ingestion, then you are breaking the law. But if you simply buy or sell powder, leaves, or stems which are not outright consumable, then you technically are not in violation of the law, because none of these forms are outright consumable. And there is no law that says any sort of kratom in any form is illegal for sale or use. This is how many people buy and sell kratom in Canada.

In order to be able to sell any sort of natural products in Canada, it is also important that you have a license granted to you by Health Canada. If you plan to sell natural plants, you need to make sure you have this license so you don’t get into legal trouble.

Buy Kratom in Raw Powder Form Only

kratom powder canada

People tend to interpret the legality of kratom in Canada in their own way. It’s easy to obtain in Canada, especially for personal use. Some companies sell it under titles such as “botanical powder” or “incense.” This shows that the kratom included in these products isn’t immediately meant for ingestion. And this is technically allowed, since kratom isn’t on any list of drug products that require a prescription or on a list of controlled substances in Canada.

If you do purchase kratom from a vendor in a non-consumable form, whatever you choose to do with it in the privacy of your own home is your decision. The Canadian government has not officially approved kratom as a medicinal product, so if that is how you intend to use it, do so with caution. Every drug product has different effects on everyone, so the effect it had on your friend may not be the effect that kratom will have on you. And since kratom hasn’t been studied or researched in as much depth as other drugs such as marijuana, you especially will want to be careful with consumption.

In June of 2018, “Health Canada raided Dan Barsotti’s two “cannabis-lifestyle” stores last month, seizing $58,000 worth of kratom products” (CBC News).” This has caused some people to worry about whether they will get in trouble for having kratom. But these seizures occurred due to the fact that they were advertising their products as being medicinal and consumable, which is in fact illegal in Canada. If you simply possess kratom, that is not illegal. And if you want to sell kratom or buy it from a reputable vendor, you need to make sure that the person selling it is only selling it in its powder form, and has not listed any of its potential health benefits. Selling it in a powder form and not marketing kratom as a consumable product is legal. Listing its potential health benefits and selling it in a consumable form is illegal and will get you in trouble with the government.

If you plan to purchase kratom, you won’t get in trouble simply for possessing it. Although again, just be sure that the person whom you purchased it from was selling kratom in a legal form.

This article is for informative purposes. Kratom sold in non-consumable forms, such as in powder form or as leaves, is legal in Canada. Selling kratom for medicinal purposes and in consumable forms is illegal. Several shops that have advertised the sale of kratom in this fashion have had their products seized by the Canadian government.

Also, make sure that the place you purchase it from has in its disclaimer that it is not intended for consumption. Simply possessing kratom is not a crime in Canada, and what you do with the kratom after purchase is up to you. Many people in Canada purchase kratom in powder form from places that advertise it for botanical purposes. This is legal and safe.

Be sure to exercise caution as per usual. Health Canada stated that there may be some negative effects after using kratom, such as nausea, dry mouth, and constipation. Do not consume too much as there have been possible cases of death in the United States. Use your discretion and make wise decisions. While many people have claimed that they had relaxing side effects after use of kratom, not everyone’s body will react in the same way. This drug has not been studied in too much depth as of yet and it is not fully known what its possible effects may be.

One of the most hotly debated topics in the news today is the legality, use and sale of Kratom. Due to minimal evidence to support certain claims about it, different countries and even states have differing policies on it and there is still plenty of research to be done on it to determine where individual jurisdictions stand in regards to its use and sale.

Why Buy Kratom in Canada?

For anyone who may have missed this topic and who doesn’t know what it is, Kratom is a hardwood evergreen tree that is native to SouthEast Asia and has been used traditionally as a recreational drug and as a medicine. In the past few decades, it has been gaining traction as a therapeutic option for opiate withdrawal, anxiety, depression, diabetes, diarrhea, hypertension, cough, to ward off fatigue and has been used a stimulant meant to offer an alternative to opiates. Its analgesic properties have made it popular as a naturally derived and effective painkiller among western medical practitioners.

How Kratom Works and Controversy

Because of the nature of Kratom and how it works, there has been much controversy regarding its legality and status in different places. To further add to the confusion surrounding its legality, there are some places that have outright banned kratom, such as individual states in the U.S. The D.E.A. however, has not taken decisive action on it yet, as studies and facts are still ongoing and much needed to fully understand Kratom.

Kratom works with a chemical it contains called mitragynine. This chemical interacts with receptors similar to how opioid drugs work such as codeine and morphine to relieve pain – which is one of the main reasons for the controversy around and against its use. But while it works in ways similar to opioids, it does not have any of the side effects associated with them. On the contrary, it has actually been used to to help those affected by opioid addictions and those who suffer from chronic pain due to the harsh nature of cancer treatments.

Because of the lack of hard evidence on any of the claims for or against Kratom, the media has caused much confusion around Kratom with its coverage, leading to bans, condemnations and restrictions against it in some places. These moves have sparked those that believe in its therapeutic properties among the health and medical community to be outraged and to advocate for its widespread legality and use.

Legality and Status in Canada

When it comes to Canada, the government is taking a proactive approach in researching drugs that are like cannabis in that they serve as pain relievers. The use of Kratom is currently legal in Canada in certain ways; however there are surrounding restrictions in place that it is important to be aware of. For example, Kratom is not meant to be sold as a consumable healthcare product and it must be marked in a way that indicates that it is not for public use. For those seeking to obtain Kratom, it is necessary that they get a doctor’s prescription to do so. It is currently approved to be used in the medical sector for treatment purposes only and not for recreational uses. This requirement ensures that it is not abused. It is also legal in non-consumable forms such as incense, powders, stems and full leaf forms.

There are also certain laws in place that deal with the specific ingredients and the ingredient amounts contained in Kratom. These laws limit the amounts of artificial ingredients in medicinal Kratom, a measure that helps keep quality standards high and compliant with the GMP.

Canada residents/citizens are fortunate to have a government that is so interested in fully understanding the scope of benefits Kratom has to offer. Unlike other governing entities that have made blanket judgements on the product without fully delving into the facts and research, Canada has an interest in the positive effects Kratom can have on human lives and health.

To be clear, Health Canada, the organization that analyzes the composition, format and representation of the products on the market, has classified it as a natural health product. There is still a grey area surrounding its full extent of uses, but it can be purchased and used for medicinal purposes. The Canadian government has done much in the way of listening to the demands of researchers and consumers, leading them to take a much more liberal stance than many other governments. It has encouraged private sector entities to take on studies focused on creating viable and safe businesses built on the medicinal uses of Kratom.